Hurry Up | Slow Down

I woke up this morning around 8:30am. That’s not atypical for a Saturday morning with Anabel, as she’s either still dreaming with her zebra or reading to him. Whether she was bored of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” or just not in the mood to read, she starting whimpering around about that time.

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It would be quite the mental feat and terrific (if not boring) research effort to aggregate the times I’ve camped, swum, and eaten bananas in my lifetime. But for Anabel, it’s math I could understand when I was 30 months young: three. Anabel has camped once, swum once, and eaten one banana. Not the whole banana, mind you, but enough to consider it eaten.

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4 Months with Anabel

Happy 4 months Anaberry! I can’t believe how much you have grown in the past month. At your last appointment you dropped in weight to the 20th percentile (not surprising after mommy going back to work and bottle bootcamp) but we know you are growing as your cheeks have plumped up so much in the past two weeks!

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3 Months with Anabel

It was about 10% instinctual, the rest has been the proverbial “building the plane while flying it.” Maybe 10% is too high. Then again, the CIA doesn’t believe in stating percentages as it sounds too firm. But, being a human with the ability to apply critical thinking, I think 10 sounds about right.

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Two Months with Anabel


Dr. Sara says, ‘you’re perfect’ and I agree.

You are healthy, smiley, and playful. You coo, squawk and bat at your toys on the play mat with excitement. You love the light up toy on top of the play mat and your mobile. Your sneezes are still adorable. You are 22 inches long and over 9 pounds! You are nearly sleeping through the night only waking up once between 330 and 530 🙂 You are attentive and love to be talked to. You have different cries including a ‘fake’ cry. You go to work with daddy sometimes and all the women there love to hold you while daddy has meetings. You are stubborn. You don’t like a bottle.

This month a lot of ‘firsts.’ You attended your first graduation ceremony when I finished my Master’s degree and took your first flight to California to visit Aunt Kate, Uncle Ty and cousins Wyatt and Emmy. Aunt Kate adored you, Wyatt was intrigued by you and Emmy loved to play/pull your hair. You were an angel on the flight, hardly making a sound. You visited the beach and Mimi helped you put your toes in the water. You had your first real scare when Emmy squealed in her high pitched voice a little too close to you. Your eyes got big, your first frown appeared followed by a brief cry. It was the saddest but most adorable moment.

You know I’m your mom and sometimes when you cry you just want me. I have never felt so special than when you snuggle into my shoulder and your crying ceases. I love being your comfort.

One Month with Anabel


“To be a child is to know the joy of living. To have a child is to know the beauty of life.”

One month has flown. I still have to remind myself that I am a mom! Every inch of life has taken on new and deeper meaning with your arrival. You have changed so much in such a short time. We love to watch you grow but I am already mourning the loss of moments passed. One of the most memorable moments in the first month was your dedication at the Mile High Vineyard Church on Mother’s Day: May 11, 2014. All of the Williams family was here in Denver to witness your dad and I commit to be Godly examples to you, pray for you and raise you with the values we believe are true.

There is nothing I want more than for you to have a life filled with purpose, redemption and love. You are 21 inches long, over 8 pounds and have not lost a lock of your hair! Your eyes are the most shining deep blue and you are showing them off for longer periods of time now. You have the most adorable sneezes. You love to be swaddled in ‘your bag’ for bedtime after daddy reads you a book. You don’t really know you have a big monster of a dog for a sister but we take walks with her almost every day. You like to be outside. You are a sweet baby who rarely cries if you’re not hungry. You are gassy 😉 You are very alert and have had more visitors than I can count come to meet you.

You are loved beyond measure.